Happy 26th birthday, Robert!

Did she ever rebel as a kid, do anything at all naughty or unexpected? “There’s this cough syrup called Linctifed, and it was red and it was delicious. I went and I drank the whole bottle of it, and then I replaced it with water. I got into a lot of trouble for that.” (x)

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a date in the nature :)


Ice Bucket Challenge - football players (p.2)

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"Thank you Mario for your nomination, I nominate Wolf Fuss, Helene Fischer, and Mats Hummels."

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Cinderella - Chapter 2:

A/N: I’ve got some really nice reviews on my first chapter so thank you, and I hop you’ll like this chapter too!

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Thomas Müller:

- 100 goals in 258 Bayern games

- 22 goals and 56 caps for Germany

- Only 24 years old


the bea’s list: sergio ramos. (asked by anon)

the bea’s list: patrick weihrauch. (asked by anon)